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North Central Laboratories provides laboratory equipment, supplies, and service for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Ninety-eight percent of all orders are shipped within one business day upon receipt.

We offer substantial discounts to municipalities. Instant credit to municipalities - no waiting - no credit applications to fill out. No service charge for small orders, AND our chemists are happy to assist you with any questions or technical problems which you may have.

Featured Products

Nitrification Inhibitor DispenserNitrification Inhibitor Dispenser

One squeeze of the handle and an exact amount of inhibitor is dispensed into the BOD bottle.
As compared to the rubberband dispenser cap, this unit is:
- More durable
- More ergonomic
- More accurate
- A lot more for your money

NCL# DO-250


Orion Benchtop MeterWastewater Microbiology Books; By Toni Glymph

These books can be used as practical guides and references to assist operators in developing simple procedures for incorporating microbiological observations into their everyday process control program. Chapters cover wastewater treatment, general microscopy, bacteria, protozoa, metazoans, filamentous bacteria, microbiology and process control.

NCL# BK-305, BK-301


Updated 09/15/2014